shenanigans with @raisedtohell and 2 new individuals.. πŸ‘  (at greenbelt)


"It’s like you’re my mirror / My mirror staring back at me"

🎀Let’s get digital, digital, I wanna get digital, Lets get digital 🎀I know my traditional drawing skills isn’t that impressive and now Im trying to go digital, but my bestfriend encouraged me to do so. So far it doesn’t look much like a normal individual’s eyes but Im still getting the hang on these equipment.. so my apologies.. In my defense,you do have to start somewhere right? Well my somewhere is working with old software on my PC and a really nice bamboo tablet..thanks @raisedtohell for letting me borrow ye equipment btw..I’ll try my bet not to disappoint you dude πŸ‘ΎπŸ˜ #practicepracticepractice #DefectiveDoodlerTriesToGoDigital #goodluck #wapwepWIPwopwup #FArt #FArtAboutToGetDigital #Letsgetdigital #bamboo (at innovative nook)

ahhhh.. ice cold drinks on a hot sunday.. #chillax β˜β˜€β˜β˜ (at innovative nook)

πŸ’‹πŸ’‹#finesse #SoFab #faboulousnessoverload #beepboopbeep #wokeuplikethis

πŸ‘wonderful shot dude 😁 thanks annie for taking the photo #whosthatpokemon #shenanigans

okay so these bunch of girls beside us were looking at us  , whispering and laughing at us..  they were wearing skimpy/trashy clothing.. so we talked using these papers instead.. Their already degrading themselves, so theres no need to add more by blurring it out loud, sorry for swearing pero putang ina nyo and ng bugaw nyo!!!! especially the girl who walked by us looking at us with her bitch face.. I was like “you need an HIV test honey? cause u look like you could use one.. πŸ˜’

Just random High 5s.. #dare   #shenanigans (at Greenbelt 3)

finished massaging her, now its my turn..getting a massage from this girl..  #bestfriends (at Greenbelt 3)

#Horrific5wordsStories thanks to #buzzfeed

did a little retouch with Darla.. because of the hard graphite written lines on her face I needed to put dripping mascara on her face #FArt #retouch  (at A-Gan Tea)

she reads while I sketch.. waiting for 9pm then next destination #shenanigans #saturdaynightout #partyanimalspartyhard β˜πŸŒ™β˜β˜ (at A-Gan Tea)

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